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Hi again everyone.  I went to the dr on Monday and he said 80% chance it is cancer.  I go tomorrow for a bone scan and chest x-ray for staging.  Is it common to stage before surgery and the tumor has been diagnosed?  What other staging tests should I have if it is cancer?  Of course, surgery will be scheduled soon for a partial laproscopic nephrectomy with robotic assistance. 

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    I don't really know the

    I don't really know the standard answer for this. However, in my husband's case he had all of the tests done....including lymph node biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, (they weren't sure if it might be lymphoma due to several enlarged lymph nodes), pet scan, etc. as soon as they suspected cancer (concerns raised after a ct scan for a suspected kidney stone). We went back to see the oncologist after all the test results were in. The thought was that if we had all the information we would be ready to hit the ground running when we had a diagnosis instead of chasing after all of the tests afterward. The lymph node biopsy showed RCC, although there had been thought previously that he might have had a lymphoma that had spread to his kidney. In retrospect, I am glad that it was handled this way. We didn't have the delay of waiting for results, moving to the next test, waiting for results, etc. 

    I wish you the very best. 

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    hi cjm they do all of those

    hi cjm they do all of those tests during the process....its completely normal procedure.  hope that helps.

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    Some answers

    Hi Caroline,

    Preliminary (pre-op) staging is quite normal. The reason for the various checks is, that the treatment to some extent is depending on the staging of the RCC. I dont think you should be alarmed by this in any way. Its pretty much a standard procedure/protocol.

    Based on the information you gave in your very first post, I would recommend to do what I suggested back then, print and frame Icemans reply and read it whenever you feel worried or anxious :-)