Anyone have a Stent

My husband is 6 weeks Ivor Lewis post op.  EC sucks, I really have no other words for it.  Anyway, we have had several dilations that only last a few days.  Now the Doctors want to put a stent in.  I would appreciate any information pro or con.  Hubby is stage 1, other than 50 pound weight loss, and the host of normal post op complications he is doing pretty well.  I wonder if I will ever have a day without some new complication of ec creeping up on me. 


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    So sorry

    I am so sorry that he is having difficulties. I cannot help you with the stent, however I'm sure others will pipe in. Just wanted to say that you are in my prayers and yes, EC really sucks.

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    My father had a stent placed

    My father had a stent placed during radiation tx.  The stent was placed in the tumor area, junction of esphogas and stomach.  My dad said everytime that he drank something he could feel it inside of him and the same for when eating. It wasn't painful just that feeling of knowing something is there. I think it served it's purpose, but it did end up moving and slipped, but that was because the tumor was shrinking from radiation. 

    Keep us posted on how he is doing. You guys are always in my thoughts!!

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    Can't really help you with a stent but after having read about problems people were having with stents when my husband's cancer reoccurred at the cervical of his esophagus, his specialist and I talked about stents and he told me he was reluctant with placing stents because tumors can grow around a stent and cause other problems.  My husband's tumor had reoccurred and grown much large this time around plus spread to his right lung.  Only thing offerred was chemo and my husband declined.  He had already had 70 rounds of radiation and 10 of chemo and said enough was enough.  He has a peg tube and can swallow liquids only due to a very narrow espohagus.  No surgery to remove the esophagus since he had already undergone 35 radiation treatments, chemo and surgery for laryngeal cancer and this was right below the previous treatments.  So that's why around round of radiation and chemo.

    18 months ago I lost an aunt to esophageal cancer.  She had radiation, chemo, surgery then more radiation and more and more chemo.  She had the feeding tube that went directly into her intestines and wasn't really able to eat much but she did not have stents.  After 3 1/2 years she said enough and declined further treatment.

    Again it is like anything, people have trouble with stents and then there are those that don't.  Just like chemo, people react differently to chemo and even radiation and even pain medication.  No two people are alike.  

    And definitely cancer is horrible and it really doesn't matter which type you or your loved ones have.  Some are worse than others.  One of our granddaughter's husband late 20's has brain cancer and they have told him a maximum of 4 years.  

    Wishing you and your husband the best -- Sharon

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    Husband Had one



    My husband had a stent to cover some non-evasive suturing that was done to repiar a fistula.

    The stent fell after a day and went into his stomach.  They put a new one in a couple of weeks later but he had some tracheal melasia and it made it difficult for him to breath.  They took it out.  He found it painful as well.  

    I do know there are several different kinds of stents, so I am sure that makes a difference.  Our experience was not good and the Dr. was not a fan either but they wanted him to be able to eat while the sutures healed.  

    He ended up not eating and waiting for it to heal.  Thank God it did.


    Such a rough road...good luck.  



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    More negative feedback than positive on stents

    In the three years I have been reading and posting on this forum I have seem far more negative feedback about stents than positive feedback. I have no personal experience to speak from but the negative feedback I have read includes:

    - Slipping down the esophagus into the stomach

    - Painful swallowing

    - Becoming entangled with the tumor as the tumor grows

    - Food getting stuck with trips to the emergency room to clear

    - Bleeding and tearing the esophagus

     Obviously the positive feedback includes the ability to swallow and eat .

     I would have a long conversation with your doctor about the pro’s and con’s prior to having a stent placed.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams

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