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I had radiation to the vocal chords. Followed by surgical removal of the vocal chords. Followed by chemo and more radiation to the neck. Now they found metatasis to the lung and bones. On chemo: Taxole and Erbitux. Waiting for latest scan, planned in about a week. Very great fatigue. Hard to even post moderate items. Just to re-introduce myself briefly. Rick.


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    Hi ToBeGolden,
    Wow that

    Hi ToBeGolden,

    Wow that sucks!!! I pray that all goes well with the scan. Keep us posted on your results.

    It's important that you stay in communication with those that care about how you are doing.

    Even though I don't know the folks on this board, it feets like we have something in common having or knowing someone that has this horrible thing called cancer.

    My sister passed away 1 year ago today from breast cancer. I think she is looking out for me.

    Hope you have a good evening.


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    Hi Rick.Im a refugee from

    Hi Rick.

    Im a refugee from gyn board.  Posted here earlier in the year when I had a lung met.  Had a wedge resection and surgery for an abdominal met at the same time.  Did more chemo and radiation after that.  Hope you are feeling well.  Fatigue is hard.  Rest.  Eat.  Hydrate.   Keep up the fight.  Hugs.

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    You never left us!

    Thank you for your contributions.   It's crap that you have to go through this. Rest and take your pain killers, it's hard to get healthy when you are in pain.  

    You have helped so many here and continue to inspire us by sharing your experiences.  I'm sending up a prayer for shrinkage or a stable scan.  

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    Thank You

    Thanks for sharing your stories. We are in a similar fight. All we can do is hope for the best. Rick.