Stage II A and recurrence

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Hi Everyone,

I would like to hear from others out there who were diagnosed at stage IIa, invasive ductal carcinoma and extensive DCIS. Would like to know what treatments / surgery types you have had and if and when you had recurrence.  I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and will have a double mastectomy after (really strong family history).  I am hormone receptor positive, have a high proliferation rate (29%), HER2 negative, and am 42 years old.  My lump is over 3 cm.



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    Hi Karen

    I was diagnosed at 40 with DCIS and Invasive lobular cancer - stage IIA.  I had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy (no radiation).  I was ER/PR positive, HER2 negative and 8 out of 9 on the proliferation scale.  My cancer was in 2 sites and totaled over 5 centimeters.  I am now 44 and *knock on wood* have not had a recurrence!  I finished chemo in Sept. of 2010 so am almost 3 years out of treatment.

    I hope that you are not having too much trouble with chemo!