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I just cannot not let the people here know about the success story so far on salvestol ....I have been following the post on Salvestrol in for a longtime (bought a bottle last year but didnt give it to my dad untill 4 days ago, luckly hasnt expired yet lol), and I wanted prove that is really helps in EC so waited to give to my dad ...just started him on it 4 days ago 2000 point which I will increase in a couple of days to 4000 points. 

I copied and pasted this from cancercompass, I hope ayoung doent's mind. Here is what she has to say:

"I will tell you what we know so far. My husband has stage 4 esophigeal cancer. He was dignosed 2/12 went through extensive chemo & radiation. Went into the hospital 5/12 to have it removed, while he was open they found a tumor on the bottom os his stomach so they didnt take the esophagus they stitched him up and at that point they gave him 6 mo to a year to live. 6/12 accepted the lord into our lives, next scan (PET) 6/12 negative. 2/13 PET scan shows activity biopsy confirmed positive cells so they told him nothing they could really do just concentrate on quality of life. 3/13 BIG prayers and started the Salvestrol. Next scan (CT) 5/13 was negative. The doc just didnt have much to say except well I guess we will move to 6 month scans instead of 3 month.

Not sure if you know how deadly es cancer is, but it is very aggressive. By whats statistical the tumors should have been there in the CT scan 5/13.

Michael doesnt take anything except the Salvestols and to date he is very happy and feels great. The doc's had written him off and kinda figured him to be dead by now or full of cancer tumors.

We believe by the mercy of our Christ Jesus with the assistance of Salvestrols he is todate tumor free and blessed.

i hope this helps you, i spent days reading before i placed his 1st order."

here's the link :,71681,2.htm

Some hope here though I guess it wont work for everyone but definitely worth a try, no harm. Also look up on cannabis oil ( facebook will be a good place to start). We have started growing the plants but too less for juicing at the moment ..will keep you all posted

Takecare everyone and God bless