rectal pain after excision


my tumor base was excised 3 and one half weeks ago about 2 cm up from the rectal verge just opposite the prostate. The excision was about the size of a 25 cent piece or 50 cent piece or in between, and the surgeon says he went all the way through the wall and stitched the hole with disolvable stitches.

Well it's been very painful even with oxycodone. Bowel movements are irregular and hurt like hell but keep coming with the aid of magnesium citrate. At times i can't urinate unless i'm soaking in the tub but more and more lately i can pee again fully while standing. i have been told that as long as i don't get feverish and fully constipated and unable to urinate, don't worry. Surgeon wants to see me in 3 months.

my questions to the board are: has anybody else experienced this and are there any suggestions on coping or healing faster?

also, could there be infection outside the wall, affecting the prostate and glands? this are is very tender to, and i can barely 'flex' there.

chemo has been postponed twice, but how long should i wait? i still can't stand or walk for long and cannot sit upright at all. i would like to use suppositories, like i did at the end of radiation, but they don't want me to. The surgeon says there is a crater, where he scraped the tumor base out, but i don't know how much of the wall he cut out. I think this proceedure is more common with a stage 1 or 2 cancer, but since my stage 3b tumor, originally 5cm in length, went away completely with radiation/chemo, we went this route. 

I know i have been very fortunate but i am concerned over the prolonged pain and possible complications. 

also, if i need to just shut up and count my blessings, please tell me so!

sincerely, john




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    My experience was similar.  It was very hard for me to urniate too and very painful to go poop.  You can always try sitting in a sitz bath and urinating in that as well.  The sitz bath helped my bottom a lot.  It took me a couple months before I'd be able to walk any type of distance and for me sitting was about 18 months with no pain, but everyone is different.  The radiation and surgery just took a toll on me in that area.  It's going to take awhile for your body to get adjusted to new plumbing so give it some time and let your doctors know exactly how you are feeling and your concerns.  My doctor probably thought is she going to ask me this question for the fifth time, but if it reassured me to ask again, then I'd ask again, but he was very patient with me.  The pain is normal as you've gone through a lot.  Hope you feel better soon.