Was diagnosed GBM

I was diagnosed in August 24, 2004 with GBM on frontal left side. The tumor was the size of ping pong ball and the cist that was covering the tumor was the size of large lemon. The biopsy was sent John Hopkins hospital and diagnosed ether with GBM or ependymoma the surgery said both grade 3 or 4 aggressive was malignant. The surgery was 7.5 hours resected 99%; I had 31days radiation and 4 years of Temodar (5 days every month 300 mg). In 2008 we decided to stop Temodar after MRI showed no recurring tumor.  March of 2010 still no recurring tumor, but in August 2012 the tumor was back. I was diagnosed with giant-cell astrocytoma malignant ependymoma both are gliomas but the ependymoma is the cerebrospinal fluid.  So in September 8, 2012 surgery resected 99%, in October had radiosurgery Gamma Knife and back to Temodar (5 days every month 360mg).  On May 31, 2013 the tumor has come back and now just waiting what next.


  • Rayanmckee
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    GBM astrocytoma

    I am sorry to read your tumor is back. I am curious about why it changed to astrocytoma. Freckin Brain tumors, shat a beast! Stay positive, good luck in this next stage. 4 years off Temodar before reccurence is great, I think. I want off Temodar myself. Take Care! Ryan

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    i was diagnosed in dec. 2012

    i was diagnosed in dec. 2012 and every thing was great. they removed 100% of the tumor and radiation and chemo and i even had a clear first mri. for the second i had another tumor and got the cyber knife. then july i had the third and they found three. i am going to have more cyber knife done maybe 3 and then i am going on avastin. they are aggressive and the doctor says the temador is not working. he said most people end up on this but not usually this fast. goodluck to you i hope evreything turned out well for you