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I just had my 13th folfox tx this weekend. I have been doing very well on it, liver mets shrinking and I seem to be going in the right direction. This weekend I didn't have Avastin because I have having my colostomy reversed two weeks from tomorrow. I am worried about being off Avistan for a period of time (four weeks before operation, four weeks after). Has anyone else had to do this?



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    Just wanted to wish you good luck on your reversal and hope all turns out well.  Sorry, can't give you any information on the treatment you are on.  A lot of treatments work even after you are off of them for awhile so if your doctor feels this is the best for you at this time, than I'm sure he has consulted with oncologist.  If you are worried about it, please ask your doctor just to reassure you.  Good luck on reversal - glad you can go that route.


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    what works for us

    My wife uses cimetidine liberally preop/postop along with other supplements including many/most of the LEF recommendations for CRC and surgery.  We even got the proton pump inhibitor for surgery replaced with cimetidine.  Her surgeons also gave her Celebrex. She stops things like her 80 mg aspirin and vitamin E complex 1-2 weeks. 

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    I was off avastin for 6 weeks

    I was off avastin for 6 weeks inpreparation for my surgery. No problem. Still NED after all the treatments.  Hang in there!  


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    My husband had only 5 treatments (Fofiri/Avastin/5FU) when some pretty nasty skin issues occured.  He had to stop chemo till these abscsesses were treated and cleared up.  So, no chemo for almost 8 weeks.  He had a CT scan a few days before he resumed chemo and the scan was very positive.  Believe me, I worried about him missing his treatments, but it turned out fine.  

    Good luck with your reversal.  My husband's colostomy is permanent but he is fine with that at this point.

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    avastin postponed

    Avastin "dissolves" (can't think of the right term) newly formed and forming vasculature. Cancer cells are fast growing and very demanding of the vasculature to feed them. That's why it works as an adjunct to Chemo. Avastin has a long metabolic halflife, up to 14-20 days, so it stays in your system for weeks and longer. Unfortunatly it also "dissolves" those healing tissues from your surgery. You surely don't want that resection coming apart after the surgery because the Avastin did it's job.  It has happened to others. So you need time off the Avastin before the surgery to clear your system and time after the surgery to heal completely before restarting.

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    Thank you all for your

    Thank you all for your comments. They are very helpful!!! My oncologist looks at my surgery as "elective." I have adjusted well to the colostomy, and yes, if I needed it, I would keep it. It is not that bad. When it was put in, I had an abscess that was so bad that they didn't know what was going on (rectal). Once things settled down, they removed the rectum. There has been no sign colon cancer in the colon, just in the liver. So I just feel like this is the time to reverse this, but was leary about going off Avastin for eight weeks. Surgery is two weeks from yesterday!