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Hello!  Please share your experience regarding your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your Lumpectomy/Mastectomy/2xMastectomy with me.  I will have surgery in a couple of months and would like to know how you feel about the procedure that you had and your process.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    When is your surgery?

    When is your surgery?

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    Double mastectomy here.  It

    Double mastectomy here.  It depends where you live and the team working on you I am guessing.  Most of us don't get Hollywood type high end plastic surgeons, so never will look perfect but totally passable.  Every one did well as far as I know.  Acted quickly, always there if questions, and were honest, no faffing about when details needed and advice sought.  One thing that has nagged at me for some time is how many of us here have recurrence after all the treatments done, and how many of us have recurrence and don't know it yet.  I feel the official numbers are way out.  Especially as us ladies here I feel really try to do the right things, eating and exercise etc do as we are told, and still it returns.  Then it is kind of, done the treatment, clear for now, then lets see down the road.  No one has suggested yearly scans for follow ups except for blood work.  No looking at ovaries or uterus.  But then my hubby says well if they tested and retested forever no one would get anything and the expense would be horrific.  He had heart attack while I had cancer and is tested now and again but seems it is up to person themselves to keep healthy as poss and be alert to body changes then insist on tests if a problem arises.  If specialists wives and daughters suffered from what we have had, and they do of course, I wonder if they are more pro active on after care.  But then they are paid a lot of money and can afford to do so.  Not one person has touched and felt any part of my chest to look for lumps and bumps like they used to before surgeries.  Is this not strange........  I have a lot of scarring and don't think I can tell if anything new pops up plus no more mamos for me.  My cancer is not picked up on them anyway...........  but I am still here and feeling quite well now.  Thanks to carers and you ladies and my hubby.

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    I had a lumpectomy.  How do I

    I had a lumpectomy.  How do I feel about the lumpectomy?  Very thankful that I could have one instead of a mastectomy.  My tumor was small and my breast surgeon got clean nodes and clean margins.  My small scar is barely visible anymore.  What kind of surgery are you having?  Do you have a choice?