MIL coming from India for Cancer treatment



This is my effort to reach out to maximum people. My MIL was recently diagonised with Cancer and we are planning to get her to US (San diego) for treatment. We took this decision as me and my husband are both working professionals on visa and thought we can take care of her better here when she is with us. I have many q so though of posting

1. How should I start about this?

2. Is there a group in San Diego where she can get to interact with other survivors? How can I find this information?

3. She is without insurance. Whom should I contanct to get atlease some kind of waiver?

4. Which hospital is best for cancer treatement in SD or around orange county?

I will post more details on type and stage of cancer once things get more clear in the results, but her initial biopsy has confirmed cancer.

Please suggest if I should select some other discussion board.


Thanks in advance

R ashmi S rivastava