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Hello All,


My mom had her first Chemo (GemCarbo) treatment last Thursday.  Over the weekend, she broke out in a horrible red itchy rash.  I called her oncologist this morning and told her about it and she had me to bring mommy to the ER to be examined asap.  Luckily she didnt have a fever or they would have kept her.  They released her with sterioids and benedryl but she sees her oncologist tomorrow.  She only had 30 mins of chemo and no other side effects but this rash.  I am afraid that if the switch the treatment it will give her all ther other horrible symptoms......I'm feeling so helpless.  I wish I could go through this for her.  She had on pants today that were too small for her a few months ago and they were practically falling down.


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    Hi mzlisaj

    Rash is one of the side effects that can happen and you did the right thing by calling the doctors to get her on some medications and thankfully no fever. They may give her in her next treatment steriods for rash now that she knows she is prone to them or they may readjust the dosage. My husband just went through his first Folfox chemo and they will need to adjust it because it really made his much weaker than they would have liked. Most doctors are not eagar to switch right away without trying to adjust the dosage first.

    Hang in there and your doing great. It is a helpless feeling to not be able to make things better but you being there for her makes all the difference to her I am sure. I know that is what my husband has said many times. My husband's pants that he bought a month ago now are huge because he lost so much weight. 

    Keep us posted on how your mom does and prayers to you and your entire family.