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I was reading about people's experience with theraspheres and liver cancer and someone thanked people on the site for telling her about the treatment called HER2.  I would like to know what this is -- I have never heard about it and am researching everything as I have been recently diagnosed with small intestine carcinoid w mets to liver.  


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    Carcinoid tumor in the ntestine and now in liver

    Wow! I am very surprised to see that the last comment re this issue was entered in 2013.  Is this condition so are?  I feel at loss when talking to doctors as it seems not to be a common type f cancer, therefore little research is done ad shared in the medical field. I just hope to find the right answers before it is too late. I will appreciate  any input from someone suffering  of this condition regarding treatment, life expectancy, is it possible to continue working, quality of life, etc.  thank you!