Circumferential Colon Tumor Near Rectum


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you had information on the implications of circumferential tumor.

My dad has been diagnosed with colon cancer last week and the doctor told us the tumour was wrapped around the colon therefore being circumferential.

After looking online it seems that these tumours are usually in more advanced states based on one study I found:

Out of 59 patients 57 where at T3 and 2 at T4 and half of the patients had nodal status of N0 and the other half N1. (based on 59 patients)

I also read that circumferencial tumors were more agressive and more complicated to opperate.

Can any of you provide me with additional information on this specific type of tumor?

Thanks so much.


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    Can't help you with your answer but don't search the internet too much as a lot of it is outdated and enormous strides have been made in the last 5-10 years alone.  I'm assuming that a CT scan has not been done yet, or if it has, what did they determine.  You should be having a consult with a surgeon to determine exactly what direction they want to go to help your dad.  It will seems like a rollercoaster of events and it always seems like hurry up and wait.  Your head will reel with all that will be going on and you will have a ton of questions.  Make sure there is always someone there with your father when he goes to any office visits and he will need another pair of ears.  Hoping someone here can help you answer your question.