Please take a moment this Memorial Day to remember

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Please take a moment today in all of your festivaties to remember what the day is about.  It is to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice - their life - so that we can enjoy our lives.  Memorial Day is not about 'Veterans'  - we have our 'Veterans Day' in Nov - it is for those who can never be 'Veterans'.  I have only one family member that I actually knew that I honor today - a BIL that I did know.  There are many friends from my youth who fell in 'Nam, and in all the years since, some young menand women I am proud to say I knew who have given the most precious thing anyone has - life - for me and for you.  I also THANK those I was not blessed to personally know and my THANKS/PRAYERS also go out to their families.



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    Amen to that

    So many people complain about war, but let something happen like 9/11 and every one encourages battle.  So many men and women have given their all in times when it wasn't popular.  To all those who gave their lives, we thank you.  To the families of those who gave their all, may God bless and keep you.

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    So true....sadly it rained so

    So true....sadly it rained so no parade where we camped...I was explaining to my young grandsons what Memoial Day/weekend is all about..