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Thank you all for your support during my treatment, and all of your posts about how to handle situations I was diagnosed Oct 2012 after a so called "hemmy"

at that time I didnt think I would see another birthday (all the crazy stuff that runs through your mind when you are told you have Cancer)  Whether you know it or not, you all were a ray of sunshine to me during my entire ordeal and I just want to say THANX from the bottom of my heart! I have had several folowups and I am told "cancer free" wishing all NED and to all those that are beginning treatment or are in it---Hang in there---YOU can do it! XO <3 


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    So glad that you are doing well! NED is great news.
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    OMG 1012

    Congrats on your great news! May you always be NED!!!  Smile



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    OMG 1012

    Here's to NED!  May he be with us all!  Congrats!

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    Good news!  

    Wishing you continuing healing