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Hello All,

Just ran into this site while looking for post op hints. They caught my 2.5 cm mass on lower left Kidney a few months ago by accident and suggested go with removal by robotics at my age of 53. I had no one family ever had cancer, barely smoked and still do sports. They said just bad luck dude. Spent past 2 months in delerium wondering if I was even going to wake up again as I'm kind of a wimp with medical stuff and never had a problem before. Well anyway it's done. it was ok. I had five holes in me and a pee tube for a day. They let me out in 2 days even with no sleep as the gut bloating pain really bugged me and I took short hall walks all night to stay loose, plus they told me to walk as much as I can. Pain pills didn't really help much. When they let me out yesterday morning I told them I had a ride but lied and walked a 1/2 hr (like a wounded duck) to the train station a mile away and then took a train and cab home from there. Have not taken the prescription filled for pain killers yet as the pain is getting better. Gut still swollen. Made a dozen wings on the BBQ. Will know in 3 weeks at follow up if it was benign or not, and what it was I guess. Hope very much anyone else here has good luck with this BS disease and things go well and thank you anyway. Im sure many have way tougher battles and my case is nothing compared.


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    Hi JKNorth,I am sorry to

    Hi JKNorth,

    I am sorry to hear your news, you sound as if you are doing well though. The tumour was quite small still, it is good that it was was caught so early. It is only natural to be scared prior to the op, but you sound pretty tough to me, I don't think I could have coped with that sort of journey two days after major surgery.

    It will take a while for that feeling of bloating to subside, it is a combination of air and of course swelling. I am just over six weeks post op and I still have some discomfort, particularly when bending. Walking is a good idea but it is not wise to push yourself too much too soon, healing happens at a gentle pace. You should rest as much as possible in the first few weeks and be patient, give yourself time to recover properly. Keeping hydrated is very important, it is good for the kidney and will help with energy levels to.

    If you need any support or advice there is always someone on here to talk to. Don't feel you are alone with this, you can talk about anything on here. 










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    Better man than I Gunga Din,

    Sounds like you could haver used this site way earlier in the process.  I know what my Hand assist laprascopic radical nephrectomy did to me and there is no way I could have gone without my pain meds.  My surgery was  one week ago today.  A bottle of prune  juice and 5 days resulted in the elimination of all that bloat and getting some sense of  feeling human back into my life. Amazing what a little regilarity in the bowels can do for feeling human.

    Don't be a stranger here. You are a member of, as Icemantoo puts it, a very exclusive club, whether you want to be or not.  We are here to talk to, offer advice, camaraderie and provide emotional and  attitude support for the others struggling with the uncertainties of this disease. 

    When I got here I was told the only membership requirement was to give back as good as you get interms of support.

    Welcome to the club no one wants to belong to.  My name is Michael