Treatment Conference

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Hi All..!  OK, I almost named this thread Cross Polination, but to keep it on the serious side.. well.. you all know..  Overall I am a relative newbie here, and I forgot to mention one thing I was told about Kidney Cancer and Treatments.

My first Oncologist told me there is a group of top RCC Doctors (from all over the country) that meet like once or twice a year to discuss their findings and what they think should be the most current protocols for treatments.  This group also consult each other on some cases, I guess by e-mail.  To be on this group, the Doctor can NOT be associated with any drug company, insurance company, etc to keep things as pure as possible.  I was told my case got passed around to the group and that my treatments were based on collective opinions.

I would imagine that a couple of you not only know what I am talking about but hopefully have more info..

Be Well..