Paclitaxel - Allergic Reaction

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Hi Everyone,

I had my first chemo rodeo today.   Everything went well until they started the last bag - the Paclitaxel.

Within 5 minutes of the drip starting, I had a horrible allergic reaction.   I got very very hot, my head felt like it was a balloon getting tighter and tighter - so much pressure.   My face felt really hot and so did my chest where the port was.  I also felt like I was gonna throw up.   They quickly stopped the drip and within about 5-10 minutes I felt much better.   I did end up throwing up though - ugh!   Keep in mind I felt fine right before the drip.

The doc said I was done for the day and would not be taking Paclitaxel anymore.   Turns out I will be starting Abraxane.

Has anyone had or heard of similar allergic reactions to Paclitaxel or do anyone know anything about Abraxatane?   How are the side effects?

Thanks so much,

Melissa Tongue Out


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    Abraxane was the
    easiest for me as far as side effects. I was only on it for 3 months and then went on to Halavan. I got tired and felt a little nauseated but it only lasted a day or two if I remember correctly, Mainly I remember it was the easiest of any of the chemos so far. I had it 3 weeks on and one off.
    I had an allergic reaction to Cytoxin. Within a minute of starting my 3rd treatment of Cytoxin I got hot everywhere then couldnt breathe, they stopped the drip, gave me a shot of epi along with Benedryl in my IV, the nurse then restarted the Cytoxin, the doctor came in to see how I was and realized she was giving me the chemo again and he stopped it.
    I also had an allergic reaction to Afinitor where I had trouble breathing and open sores from head to toe, looked like I had chicken pox. They had me on an antibiotic for the breathing then realized it was an allergic reacction. Within 32 hours of stopping Afinitor my breathing was normal and the sores cleared up.
    Wish you the best on the
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    I am so sorry Melissa.  I

    I am so sorry Melissa.  I can't offer advice as I never had chemo, but, hope that Abraxatane will be much easier on you.


    Hugs, Leeza