Rash from Votrient?

Ed Brabant
Ed Brabant Member Posts: 61

Ready to start the 3rd month of Votrient. Other than the diarrhea and things don’t taste right OK so far. I did notice a rash starting on my right hip. Votrient can cause a rash. Is there anything I can put on it to help? Not that itchy yet but that may change.


  • Texas_wedge
    Texas_wedge Member Posts: 2,798

    Ed, are you sure it's due to Votrient? At just the same stage on Votrient, I got a rash on my back. You can see what it looked like here:


    It was asymptomatic and just spotted by a PT who was treating me for a minor back muscle injury.  I wrongly blamed it on the Votrient but it turned out to be due to a blood pressure med I was on (to combat the hypertension caused by Votrient) and as soon as I stopped it the rash vanished completely within 24 hours.

    Are you on anything else that might be to blame?