A Chance to change care to the better! Do you have an idea?


Greetings, co-survivors!

Long story short, I had rare neck cancer (synovial sarcoma) when I was 15, now I am 31!

Crazy trip that was, huh?..

So, I met this young scientist yesterday, he has been accepted on a team that will design innovative hospital beds!

I had some ideas for him, for the better comfort of future patients, all over the world..

Like, "add something on the bed, that helps to hold the pillow in position when you prop the bed upward" or

"have the bed rise at knee level" or, "have the sides of the bed rise up so if you have an IV line, the arm is comfortable"..

I ask you all, to take a trip down memory lane, and try to remember.. What bugged you most about the bed??

What features could be added to a hospital bed to make it better?? I'll collect all our ideas and mail them to him.

Lets all pitch in and make the bed for the ones in need, who are about to take their personal journey of transformation.

Love to you all!!