Diagnostic mistakes- lung cancer

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My husband recently had bronchitis. He went to his MD and was sent for an XRay. The XRay showed a small shadow in his right upper lobe. He was sent for a CT scan.
The radiologists report states
Indicative of early lung cancer.
The little blur was 2 1/2 cm by 3 cm
He was sent to a specialist who looked at the scan and told him he had early lung cancer. No biopsy was done! We asked but the answer we got was, "it's early lung cancer. We have to remove the upper lobe"
Last Thursday, they went in and removed his right upper lobe. The doctor said he tried to remove just a wedge but the cancer was too deep so he took the whole lobe.
Two days later, the biopsy came back.
It was a calcium deposit and not cancer.
My husband is in CCU and is in pain. Even when the doctor was asked about a biopsy before surgery, he insisted it was cancer.
Get another opinion! Get a biopsy first! Another few weeks won't matter especially if it's NOT cancer!
If you love someone or yourself, get a second opinion and insist on a biopsy! Be sure you know what is happening before you lose a lung to some fast acting idiot with a scalpel!


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    So sorry to hear about your husband.  Second and sometimes third opinions are the best.  I can remember about 15 years ago, my husband had a chest x-ray for work.  Well then they called him back and said he needed a CT scan.  Then they said he had cancer and it was too late.  They sent him to a specialist who did a bronoscope.  I can remember him coming out and telling me that my husband did not have cancer but a severe lung infection.  He was kept in the hospital for a week on IV medication to clear up the infection.

    Fast forward, I sure wish that was the same diagnosis but sadly it isn't.  He does have a spread of cancer to his lung and yes a biopsy was done but he is not a candidate for surgery due to cancer at the cervical of his esophagus that has reoccurred.  Now when they found the cancer in his lung they didn't want to do a biopsy but watch it because it was so small.  They did a needle biopsy, which collapsed his lung, but we were told that could happened.  He spent 2-3 days in the hospital but really didn't have any problems.  Seems like your doctor wanted to do surgery very fast. 

    Wishing the best to you and your husband -- Sharon