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Had a rough first chemo, hospitalized for fever and extremely low wbc), but I am slowly recovering.  Nausea has been a huge issue, but taking zofran regularly is the ticket for me.  Appetite has not fully recovered but I ate some cottage cheese and cinammon toast yesterday (not together...Lol).  That was the first solid food I had eaten in about a week!  I have been living on ensure and fluids.  It's hard to believe that I don't have an appetite!!! What a foreign state for me...Lol.

My hair is coming out quickly now, but I am ok with it.  At least I knew I was going to lose it.

I am beginning to take short walks and am feeling a little stronger each day. Smile

Round Two is this Thursday and I will get neulasta this time.  Hopefully, it will be a little easier.


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    My thoughts and prayers are

    My thoughts and prayers are with you... We are going to go through Chemo together... I haven't heard when my first dose will be but he told me possible this week.... I also will be loosing my hair.  At first sign of loss, my daughter in-law will shave it for me... We'll have a cool summer!...LOL  


    Fight, Fight, Fight with all our might and we will concur cancer's blight.



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    Hoping it is easier for you also. Just remember to take the claritan in the morning before you get the Neulesta it really does help with the se of the Neulesta. I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time with the chemo. I too keep hoping that they could find one that my body tolerates better.
    Yesterday I went to my step granddaughters wedding shower and wore my wig. It is the 3rd time ever wearing it! It was so liberating when I got into the car and off it came! Sure felt good when it was so hot outside!
    Will keep you in my prayers.

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    Ihave never had chemo -but I

    Ihave never had chemo -but I am wishing you all the good thoughts.



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    Hope It Goes Well

    I hope it all goes well with you on Thursday.  I begin 3rd cycle on Wednesday.

    Good luck,



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    Cottage cheese and cinnamon toast

    CC, during chemo, you're allowed to eat ANYTHING together that you want!!  Put that cottage cheese on cinnamon toast!  Have some pickles and ice cream!  Chocolate sauce on pizza, who cares?!  I'm just so glad you're getting your appetite back and enjoying a little bit of real food again.

    My first chemo round, my WBC and neutrophils went as low as yours -- but, file under that mysterious "We're All Different" category, I felt fine and didn't end up with a fever.  But my oncologist insisted on Neulasta for the rest of chemo, and it worked beautifully for me.  The bone pain I got from the Neulasta also wasn't nearly as bad for me as I've heard from some women -- just achiness in my legs for a couple of days, very manageable.  I'm praying that it works as well for you, and is as easy for you.




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    Cynthia, good luck on Thursday!

    I hope it will be much easier for you than this time.

    Keeping all crossed for you, Carmen