I too was radiated with Nasophyrngeal Radiation Treatments in 1963, US NAVY, Submarine Service. I was 17 years of age. I had Aerotitus Media, {blocked ears} from pressure.I was NOT told that they were performining a radiation treatment on me. In 1998, I developed Hyperthyroid Disease, Corroded artery of Neck, {requiring surgery}, Depression, Thyroid Nodules, Diabetes II, severe dental problems, High Cholesterol, and Hypertension. In 2011, I began internet researching my thyroid disease, I accidently stumbled upon an article about Military Nasopharyngeal Radiation, SUDDENLY, the light bulb came on and I realized that this was the treatment done to me, 45 years ago. I have suffered, horribly for 12 years now with these diseases both physicially and emotionally. I have NO family history of thyroid disease, thus I firmly believe that my thyroid disease is a result of the Radiation Treatments in 1963, and ALL the other ailments are the secondary effects of the thyroid disease. I too have filed for military disability, my claim is in the appeal process now. I have not developed Cancer as yet, but I live in daily fear and worry.

I would be interested hearing about your claim and denial from the VA and any other similar stories. Did you develop any thyroid diseases {problems} before removal?   Have you experienced any of the other diseases {ailments} that I named as SECONDARY? All of my research, has indicated a firm and valid connection between these diseases and Thyroid Radiation. One must remind the VA, that these treatments were done in a haphazard routine manner if compared to todays standards of Radiation Treatment.

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    Dental problems

    Since having treatment in 2016 with radioactive iodine pill following surgery to remove cancerous thyroid, my teeth have deteriorated so much I won't smile. Does anyone know of a free or very low cost dental care to get dentures? also had radiation for breast cancer following surgery 2018. Live in Daytona Beach, FL. Thank you