Pancreatic Cancer Question

My husband has been having loose stools after eating fatty foods for about one year.  Two weeks ago he had an abdominal ultrasound that showed a slightlly enlarged liver with several lesions concerning metastases, the largest measuring 4 cm.  He had a CT of abdomen and pelvis which showed rectal thickening.  I fully expected a mass in his colon.  But the colonoscopy only showed two polyps which were removed.  One benign gastric neoplasm which was bipsied.  He has no abdominal pain and no other symptoms.  We have an appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday.  Do I have a reason to worry?  If it is pancreatic cancer would he be exhibiting more and worsening symptoms over a one year period?  I just need some reassurance until I speak with my doctor on Monday.


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                  I'm no expert but having gone through PC. I'm thinking he would have loose floating, cardboard colored stools. Consistantly

    I know I'm responding to you a little late for the dr's appointment. But if you are concerned and want to find out if your husband does /or doesn't have PC. Go to a dr. who is specialized in pc cancer. Most dr's can scan or test for it. But, it is a hard one to diagnose in early stages if it is not thier specialty. 

    By the time I was diagnosed. I already had stage 3 PC.  I never noticed any symptoms till 2 weeks before the emergency room visit.  I thought I was getting a bad case of the flu.  It was on again/off again.  Untill the night I ended up on the floor. Feeling like someone had just put a large post through my abdomin. I also turned completely yellow from head to toe  in an instant!   But prior to that time. No noticable symptoms!  Besides feeling really tired and I seemed to be getting weaker as far as strength in lifting heavy objects.  I figured it was just getting older as far as that went. I was 48 at that time.

    My suggestion is ...get it checked out!  Just ask you oncologist to check for it.

    Keeping your family in my prayers!