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My uncle was just diagnosed with prostate cancer  in march of this year.  He had a PSA of 8.0.  The tumor is confined to the R.prostate and there is no mets. He is interested in the HIFU procedure but reluctant to travel outside of the USA to have it done.  I, as a RN, am aware that the procedure is not yet approved in the USA.  I am new to this site.  Can anyone shed some light on this procedure for me?  The outcomes, side effects, etc.  Also, is there anyone out there who have had the MRI- Guided Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy for early Prostate Cancer?  It is Focal and directed only to the tumor.  No surgery.  Thanks.


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    If you will please provide more information

    I am sorry for your uncles diagnosis. It is wonderful that you are helping him.

    What event led to the biopsy, PSA's?, Digital Rectal exam, any symptoms?

    How many cores were taken in the biopsy?

    How many of these were positive?, What was the the Gleason score of each of the cores that were positive? What was the involvement, that is what is   the percent of each of these cores that were cancerous?

    Any other pertinent information noted on the Pathologist report for the biopsy?

    How do you know that there was no mets?...what diagnostic test(s) were done?

    I am familiar with focal therapy for localized prostate cancer.