I'm Just Dropping In

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To let all you wonderful friends know that my little family & I are doing okay. JBG & hubby made it home safely. That's one worry off my mind. It's a darn long drive.

Robert & I have been keeping busy getting a bunch of stuff ready for yard sales. My wonderful hubby had at least five of every tool known to man. My expertise extends to a screwdriver & channel locks, so we're keeping some stuff for personal use & the rest can go. The first thing we did was donate all the unused medical supplies to a homeless clinic and now we're taking it one day at a time.

As you know, I'd seen this coming for many years. I think as much as you prepare for it, you're not prepared when it happens. I still cry once in a while, but then I go on. I'm swimming in "strange waters", but still afloat. I'm so fortunate to have my kids, son-in-law, & grandkids to keep me sane. And, of course, all of you who have stood by me and held my heart in your hands.

For all the many "newbies", I'll be here to support in any way I can. To lend an ear or offer a hug. To help you get through this.

For all you "oldsters", just a GREAT BIG HUG for being here.




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    keeping strong

    Thank you for a lovely, post. Helps so much. Keep strong. Xx

  • k44454445
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    so glad

    to read your post & see how you are. It is difficult but always know that you have many many people who love & support you.

    a big hug & prayers from indiana


  • Lovekitties
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    Dear Wolfen

    I was glad to see your post.

    These are difficult days, I am sure.

    Thankful that JBG and her hubby were able to be there and have gotten home safely.

    I hope that each day becomes a little easier for you.

    Hugs and love,

    Marie who loves kitties


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    Wolfen, I now "ok" is as okay as you can get it....and for that, I know for myself and the others, that helps us all tremendously:)

    "Repurposing" things now will be a good idea - to move things on in some fashion that can be of benefit to someone else...over the course of last year, with my dad's stuff and now ours, I have found this to be beneficial towards my own healing.

    If it's trash - we dispose of it properly / if it's resuable we donate it or give it to someone / if it has value, then the sale...

    The healing occurs from the inside out - I think in part, because we are taking a pro-active stance against our situations, which in turn, leads to this sense of empowerment, especially in an overwhelming situation.  And repurposing, or paying it forward, not only unclutters your own life, but makes someone else's a bit nicer. 

    And that's never a bad thing...

    I know you are a smart woman....and I knew for some time that you 'knew.'  But, the human brain has this built-in protection mechanism that can recongize and be complete cognizant of a certain situation - to a certain degree - but then cannot move past that point, until the time comes. 

    We know it - we see it - but we can't come to terms with it...because, at that point, it would just be too much.  I've come to see in folks and our pets, that as long as our 'other' is breathing in & out (even in pain with the outcome known), we hold out hope until the very end.....

    Because, it's just flat-out too painful to deal with it.....until you have to.

    I know that is by design...and happens for a reason....

    I am extremely grateful that you have good family with you to help and be with you....I don't want to even think of how hard it woud have been without their love and support for you.

    Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!

    May the coming days fill you with the strength to move mountains!



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    Peace to you and your family

    I'm glad you'll be sticking around.

  • jen2012
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    Hi Wolfen - I've been

    Hi Wolfen - I've been thinking of you.  I'm glad you are doing "okay".  Thanks for continuing to add your support here.

  • annalexandria
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    This will be a new phase of life,

    but I know you'll move into it with as much grace and courage as always.  Keeping busy, and finding the little moments of brightness, can keep a person going even in the toughest of times.  Many hugs coming your way~AA

  • Chelsea71
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    Hi Wolfen. Nice to hear from
    Hi Wolfen. Nice to hear from you. Thinking of you often.

  • Coloncancerblows
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    My thoughts and prayers are

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • karguy
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    I'm glad

    I'm glad your doing ok,thank you for staying around as we can always use the advice.It will take a while,but I hope you get better.We are always here if you need anything.

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    From a relative newbie.....

    Thanks for continuing to support us......we need you!!! I hope you will also come to us when you need some caring and support. ~ Ann


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    Big hugs to you as you continue to move forward.  Just want you to know you are never far from my thoughts.

    Hugs!  Kim