Butterfly tears...

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I am here at MDA..  A wee bit scared, and more than a wee bit bored....  I am called into my docs office for vitals etc and I'm talking to the same young woman who has been helping care for me these last two years when she saw the cancer survivor butterfly tattoo on my foot and tears begin to gather in her eyes....

She told me that her five year old daughter loved butterflys and colored them in many bright colors.  Her trees never had brown trunks, always bright pinks, oranges, blues.  this little 5 year old girl had recently passed away....  With cancer.   This strong, grieving, and loving woman was STILL helping others....   She apologized for breaking down, but the butterfly was such a reminder.  I asked her if maybe her sharing with me was meant to be...   I know it certainly helped me put things in perspective...   Healthy children, Grandkids, NED and I'm thinking how BORING this all is!?!........


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    That woman is really an angel.  To think that, inspite of the loss of her own daughter to this terrible disease, she is still rendering care to those afflicted with the same is truly remarkable.  All cancer cases are sad, but when it strikes a child, it's doubly sad. 

    I hope all of your tests go well and all the news is good!

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    there are NO coincidences in God's world.... how sad for that wonderful woman to lose her child.....you helped her and she helped you.....  you will be blessed with all good news....  hugs and hugs    sephie

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    I hope that all of your tests show NED! How very sad that children have to suffer and die from cancer. We just must find a cure soon!
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    I always believe we are put in the right place at the right time......she needed to see that butterfly and you needed to hear her story. Those two things were timed just right.

    I too need occasional reminders of how lucky I am to have healthy kids, grandkids, and be doing well myself!

    I'll pray this is how it continues for all...........