update on my aunt & cousin

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in January 2011 my cousin told his parents that he had esophageal cancer. In February 2011 my aunt was told she has stage 4 colon cancer. On May 17, 2011 my uncle passed away suddenly. On 4/19/13 my cousin died. My aunt is now on paliative care but is always extremely sad (expected since her son just passed away). That's it, just wanted to give an update. I'm sorry it is so short and curt, but twice now I posted a detailed message and both times it disappeared. :(

Take care everyone. I wish you sun filled happy, healthy days.



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    So very sorry

    Dear Marianne,

    I am so very sorry for the losses that you and your aunt have faced.

    My prayers are with you both, as you recall the past and face the future.

    Marie who loves kitties