Green Smoothies

platt9730 Member Posts: 3

I have never been very involved in the chat rooms but I'm trying to make a decision that I thought all you colorectal cancer survivors might help me with.  I recently read a book about green smoothies and the author suggested that a person with digestive issues could do really well on this plan without taking all the metimucils or other such supplements or anti-diahrrea meds. Since I don't know what to eat anymore to avoid massive bouts of diahrrea, I thought it might be worth a try.  She suggests smoothies with vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.  She also promotes the blend-tec total blender through out the book and I wonder if anyone has used this blender.  Input on blenders would also be appreciated. They aren't cheap, so I hope to get some feedback regarding how this diet was tolerated.  I did have a bowel resection with removal of about a foot and half of my colon and part of the rectum.  I imagine that colorectal cancer survivors all have a different story and each surgery leaves a different set of problems.  Sure appreciate some feedback.  I am not to familiar with how this site works so hopefully I'll be able to find the feedback if anyone has any suggestions.  Hang in there all you survivors.  Hope to hear from someone!!!