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I discovered these forums when I was being treated for Stage 3C ovarian cancer two years ago.  I was treated in America, as we were there on business, but we live in Scotland.  The National Health Service (NHS) provides free medical care to everyone.  Some of it is excellent, some not so.  What I've consistently noticed is that patients aren't given very much information, and folks aren't eager to ask questions.  A dear friend was just diagnosed with "very early stage myeloma."  He will be given "tablets" as treatment.  He is about 62 and fit, although he has lost weight and been very fatigued for some months.  What questions should he be asking his doctor?  Does "very early stage" proffer a greater likelihood of longevity?  Will the "tablets" allow him to continue working?  Any comments would be most appreciated.


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    "tablets" allow him to continue working?

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2008 in the early stage.  My doctor said there was not much that can be done until it gets to the higher stages.  2009 it went to stage 3 and he began treatment with Revlimid (capsule) and Velcade.  After 4 months of chemo, I went into a stem cell transplant processs.  I used my own stem cells.  I have been on chemo now for 3 years and just now off of them.  My dr. can not find any cancer in my blood.

    So yes there is hope.  As for as the working part, it depends on the job.  The pill made me very tired.  I am still finding it hard to get in full swing.  I did retire and work on our ranch.


    Hope he is doing better and your cancers is under control.