Possible Signet Cell cancer


I don't know if anyone else has this cancer or has CUP. I am very frustrated and find it hard to find the positive in anything. Let me explain.

Last November otherwise pretty healthy went to doctor for what i thought was a bladder infection. By january 2013 I was told cancer but not bladder cancer. Ihave spent the last months trying to find a type and source.  The most recent biopsy of my abdominal wall and outside of my organs seems to indicate a signet cell cancer but we are still working on whether or not it is stomach or GI or Bladder.  I am on a new chemo therapy and just began to have some urination via my bladder. I have neph tubes otherwise.

I feel so alone. so unhappy. I am frustrated on what this is and tired of feeling like there is no hope or little hope.  Does anyone have signet cell or has anyone had a similar diffiuclty finding the primary cancer?  Right now I am with a Dr. I feel has done more for me in one month than the past oncs did in 5. It just all feels so hopeless except for the some ray of hope of actually urinating sitting down again.