Genetic Marker for PCa?

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I haven't logged on here for awhile and didn't see any previous mention of this.  

Following a study at the UCSF Hellen Diller Comprehensive Family Cancer Center (where I was treated for PCa w/Cyberknife), a company is now marketing a genetic test to determine whether immediate treatment or active surveillance is the better choice. Based on the study of 400 PCa patients, the number of patients determined to be eligible for active surveillance increased from 10 to 26%.  Of course, many men (like I did) decide to receive treatment (either surgery or radiation) even though their cancer is determined to be low risk and, although treatment for PCa may be unnecessary, this genetic test does not resolve the uncertainty and concern that accompanies a diagonsis of PCa -- low risk or not.

For a a discussion of this "new" test, see:

OBTW, for those who have been following my story in the past, my recent bout of urinary bleeding stopped on its own a couple of weeks ago.  The "problem" fell w/in the patterns of delayed radiation effect, which in my case followed a little later than "normal" -- about 30 montns (rather than 18-24 months) following treatment.  

I also started taking Flowmax in order to address urinary frequency and urgency issues that have persisted despite the radiation treatment.  My prostate was noticeably enlarged (BPH) when the urologist did the cystoscopy in order to determine the source of the urinary bleeding (which was apparently located w/int he urinary tract w/in the prostate).  

I swore that I would not take Flowmax (again) because of the "retrograde ejaculation" effect which causes the semen to flow into the bladder instead of out of your penis.  However, my ejaculate flow was decreasing significantly anyway and I wanted to see if the Flowmax would reduce my PSA scores, which have not dropped below 1 since my CK treatment.  My guess is that the BPH and urinary bleeding/irriation have been keeping the PSA scores up and that Flowmax "may" improve these conditions and cause the PSA scores to go down.  Next PSA test is due the end of June and will know then if the drug had any effect on my PSA or not.

I also recently had 3 cortisone shots (2 in my spine and 1 in my hip) for back pain and am scheduled for double hernia surgery in a couple of weeks.  It's a b*tch getting old and, if it's not one thing, it's another!!!!  Oh well . . .