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I took Gleevec for almost four years, recently switched to Tasigna, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has been taking it for awhile and is experiencing a sensitivity to sunlight.  It isn't on the official website as a side effect but I've found information on the web that suggests it is for others.  It could easily be this is my first summer on it and I'm just tired and headachy anyway.  Anyone have any information for me?  It'd be greatly appreciated!




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    Wow I don't know really Ryan.  I am on Sprycel and have been for 9 mos but I believe there is some sunlight issues with it too.  Remember that all side effects aren't listed and be sure to look at other sites besides the one the company lists.  I use for most of my checks as the side effects is more complete.  I've had side effects my doctors didn't seem at all familiar with and then I joined a CML group and found that there were others with the same side effects.  Talk to your specialist and your regular doctor.  I say that because my specialist always refers me to my regular doctor when I have side effects.  Otherwise make sure your sunscreen is top rated because we don't really know all the effects of CML itself or of the drugs.  Good luck.