Lost the fight against breast cancer

My moms birthday is today.... It has been a very difficult day and will continue this week with Mother's Day around the corner... I was numb for so long, and now I feel so empty, alone and sad. Sad that she has missed so much... I was only 16 when she left... I wish she could see my now. 




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    HB, so sad it took so long

    HB, so sad it took so long for someone to respond to this (over 4 years) I just lost my beloved fiance to breast cancer on May 12th 2017. The world is a much emptier place with her not being in it. I have a hard time accepting that she is gone. I want to think she is still walking with me and knows what i'm doing. I want her to feel how much I love and miss her. She was everything to me, my lover, my confidant, my best friend. There can never be a replacement or for someone to take her place. She was unique in every sense of the word. I will miss her until its my time to go and like I saw her last breath in this world, i hope she sees my first breath in hers.  I hope you have found your peace over time.