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Good morning all, Scubadan here with the short version.  I was diagnosed with colon CA met to the liver in Sept 2008. After my colon resection aand then a small bowel obstruction surgery (caused by the 1st surgery) I started chemo with the biweekly Folfiri regimin and it kept the liver lesions at bay for a little over 3 yrs. A few 3 mo periods of "remission" in those three years, then the Folfiri stopped working very well.  My doc switched me to biweekly Folfox, but that only worked for about 10 cycles.  We moved on to Erbitux (Cetuximab) and now after 10 weekly cycles of Erbitux I'm waiting for my latest CEA results. I've had a total of 96 cycles of chemo over the last 4 1/2 yrs and I still feel good, work 40hrs a week, landscape my yard, and expect to wake up every morning.  My doc says, Dan, face it, you're just different. You walked in here with stage 4b CA and you should have been dead 2 yrs ago. I say, I'm 61 yrs old, I have a great support prayer group, coworkers, friends, and mostly a wife of 41 yrs that is with me every step of the way.  I won't spend much time here on CSN because I refuse to allow cancer to run my life.  As a matter of fact, I can say it has brought a realization to my life that I missed for a long time. Every day is a gift....God gave us a beautiful planet to live on, friends, love, work and leisure, and ice cream. I'm not a survivor, I'm surviving; just like everyone else on this planet. Something will kill everyone at some stage of their life. I'm lucky to have lasted this long. Step outside, listen to the birds sing, look at the sky, hear the rolling thunder, how great Thou art. 

Scubadan (yes, Karen & I love to dive and travel when we can)


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    from annother traveler and (ex)scubadiver. Wow, what a journey. Like the way you deal with it!

    So hello from Germany from


    (caregiver to husband with stage 4 coloncancer w mets to liver / dx 11/2011)


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    Hello there

    I love your attitude.  I hope you are around to brighten others lives for many a year. 

    I totally understand how you would not want to post here, and live life without the shadow over your head. In a way, I feel its good advice for me too, though going through what we are, its nice to have support from others who understand the just what we go through..

    Here's to continued health and happiness. 

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    thank you so much for your post. You inspire me greatly.

    I was dx'd November 2011, and I have been on and off with the CSN and the various reading and dealing with the cancer.

    I try to take you're same attitude each day, and now that I've read your post... I'm going to step it up once again.


    I love reading positive stories and helping to make someone elses day... and you just made mine.

    And, as I sit outside with my laptop, listening to the birds and the neighbor kids getting off the bus... its a beautiful day for anyone and everyone.


    please post again often. and come on over and work in my yard soon.





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    Welcome to the board and glad that you found us.  You have a great attitude and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to come here for help.


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    Hope you'll continue to post from time to time.  We have several folks here who have been living with stage 4 disease for a long time, and it's very inspiring for the rest of us!  Ann Alexandria

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    Welcome to the board.  It is a good place to come for support, as well as, a place we would all rather not need to be.  

    Good to have a positive and uplifting post such as yours.  

    There are a number of Stage IV's, like me, on the board.  

    Please continue to post and keep us updated on your progress.