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Good Morning everyone ! My first night sleeping after my port being put in was horrible. I usually sleep on my right side and thats just where the port is. Tossed and turned all night long, I cant sleep on my back for some reason either. I dozed here and there but woke up constantly all night. I usually do wake a time or two during the night but last night was up and down up and down..Fun Fun.

How was everyones night ? Hope you slept better than I did heeheee. Wondering what today will bring. Appointment with my therapist for an hour and hopefull the rain the are predicting is going to stall itself for at least part of the day so I may go outside. Being cooped up here in this small apartment is a killer when you are all alone. Raul will work from 8am-6pm today and wont roll home utill around 630. Ughhhhhhhhhh is all I can say. Thats a looooong time to sit with myself once again. I have some crafts started that I just may finish if the weather keeps me indoors, who knows. Plans for anyone today ?