Anyone else ever take herceptin, perjeta and docetaxel?

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I did well with my chemo on Thursday, but then, starting Sunday, I began to feel really cruddy: Flu-like, nausea, diarrhea, extreme weakness, achiness.  Hoping this post chemo crud gets better soon.  But I am up and whining tonight, so maybe I am getting better? Wink

Has anyone else had these problems and, if so, do you have any tips for coping?  Thanks for any help!


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    Hi CC

    Sorry you are feeling cruddy CC.  I can't offer you any advice, but maybe to keep your spirits up you should take a look at that card from your daughter's class with the lilies.  Didn't the teacher look at them before sending them to you.  So funny!  Great story.

    I hope you feel better soon CC. 



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    Hello..Im sorry ya feelin cruddy......I like that word ! I just got my port in today and Im starting herceptin, perjeta and taxotene (spelling might not be right), so Im with ya there with the chemo we are receiving together. I will keep you posted and please keep me posted as well. Do you chat on facebook at all ? 



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    I'm so sorry!

    I hope you are feeling better.  When chemo makes me feel that way I usually take comfort in hoping that it is doing much worse to the cancer cells.  When word gets out how bad you are feeling, you may be due for another round of juicers (I think that was you?).  Please rest, take care of yourself and if you aren't taking Emend before and after your chemo, you might ask about it for nausea.



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    You described my reaction to

    You described my reaction to chemo exactly. I could almost predict to the hour when I would start to feel bad and when I would start to feel better. Your chemo cocktail is poisoning your cancer and unfortunetly also your good cells. Try to get as much fluid in you as possible, with whatever tastes good to you. Even it is only a small amount every 30min, it helps flush out your body. Rest and I treated myself to several seasons of I Love Lucy. Even feeling bad, is better with laughter.

    Hang in there,


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    No Tips...

    Dear CC,

    I am so sorry that you are not feeling better, I hope you will very soon.  I know Kay (Smalldoggroomer) also takes Perjeta but I forgot what else she takes.  I found her email, she is doing ok, busy doing good things.  So there is hope for us all.



    What did they give you at the Cancer Center to help?

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    Any better today?

    How are you doing today, CC?  Thinking of you,



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    Perjeta herceptin taxol

    I am on this combo. I did have trouble with diarrhea fatigue weakness in the beginning but it has improved over time. I started chemo this time in Aug and will remain on it for life. The perjet has been pretty mild on me. I had problems with allergic reaction to carboplatin then to cisplatin the sister drug. Then to Taxotere also a allergic reaction. That is how I got to Herceptin Taxol and perjeta. Hang in there I hope your side effects let up for you. Your in my prayers always

    Take care darlin Kay,