Information, please

carolyn45 Member Posts: 100

I am now two years in remission from Stage 3C ovarian cancer, and I've benefitted very much from these forums, so I'm coming here for help.  I now live in Scotland, and I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed with "very early stage" bone cancer.  His treatment will consist of taking tablets, I'm told, and he has a "fairly good" prognosis.  I'm a total ignoramus re bone cancer. and people here aren't nearly as proactive as Americans regarding medical care, so they don't ask many questions.  If anyone can tell me (and those of us who love George) what may be going on, what questions to ask, anything that can be done on his own to combat the cancer, I'd be enormously appreciative.  George is in his early sixties and has a seriously disturbed and ill son who has caused huge stress and pain.  Would THIS affect his battling the disease?  Thanks ever so much in advance for any info and advice.   My best to all of you.