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hey allim new here  what symptoms was you having that led you to a doctor for thyroid cancer a few yrs back i was diagnosed with nodules how did you no it was cancer before going to doctor


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    You don't know until the doctor tells you one way or the other and the doctor doesn't know until he does some sort of biopsy.  Either a fine needle aspiration, where they stick a small needle into the thyroid, thyroid nodule or lymph node and pull out a little piece to put under a microscope or remove some or all of the thyroid or lymph node, slice it up unto thin pieces and put them under a microscope.

    I had a lymph node in my neck swell and didn't know what it was until they removed it and put it under a microscope.  A month later they took all my thyroid out.  It could have been worse, I was worried it was lymphoma though I thought it might be my thyroid.  I had no other symptoms, my thyroid was working fine.