Voice America Radio Interview about my colorectal miracle therapy result. UPDATED

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Voice of America Radio Interview about colorectal miracle therapy result.



if you are open minded and interested in therapies that work in a palliative context you might learn something. thats my specific experience.

if you are happy doing conventional therapies, then maybe skip the interview unless you are really curious.


I enjoyed the interview, and i kept my radical ideas under control.

Maybe i have learnt some diplomacy skills.

In the blog you will see how many colorectals are trying these therapies in germany. I will post.

Voice America also has interviews the prof vogel, msk head complementary therapies, rgcc chief scientific officer.



PS This was Voice america not Voice of America. Apologies for the mixup, we learn something new everyday.


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    I was wondering why in the world was the American federal government broadcasting an Australian advertising German therapies.  This explained it.  Glad your therapies are working Pete.

    but you might mention it's voiceamerica instead of the Voice of America in future writings, saves a lot of confusion.

    Winter Marie

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    Found this confusing too at first,

    But a quick search shows that Voiceamerica is a website that provides a platform to anyone who wants to host a radio show...Voice of America is something else altogether.  All clear now.

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    Hi Pete, An interesting listen as I thought it would be...
    Continued success with your treatments.
    PS: You hit me in my soft-spot...talking about Joseph Campbell. I'm a big fan of his.

    Joseph Campbell - The Other JC