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 When you think you are fit and healthy there are few things more devastating than sitting beside an oncology surgeon who looks you in the eye and says the words " You have Cancer!" I heard these words on 12th November 2012. I had asked my GP to be sent to this particular surgeon as he had removed my gall bladder 14 years previously and I had a high regard for him. He proceeded to tell me that my CA125 level was 1648 and that,along with my CT scan, this was almost definitely a sign of Ovarian Cancer. I had a hysterectomy in 1977 but because of my age at that time my ovaries had not been removed. As he is a true professional he informed me that he would send me to someone who was more specialised in that area. An appointment was then arranged with a Gynocological Oncologist for the next week. The next week I spent having many more scans etc.and the diagnosis was confirmed. Next I was admitted to hospital, introduced to a medical oncologist and a plan of action was devised. Due to the fact that I had a DVT(discovered during some of the tests) I had to start with 3 rounds of chemo,followed by surgery and then 3 more rounds of chemo. My Gyno oncologist was pleased after the surgery to report that he had found nothing but had sent many samples off to pathology. The results from Pathology showed microscopic cancers in 5 of the 7 samples . After the surgery the diagnosis was Stage 3 Primary Peritoneal Cancer.

  I have now finished my 1st "plan of action" and am now on 3 monthly alternating visits between the Gyno and Medical oncologists. I was extremely happy to find this website and realise that there are other people who are also battling this "whispering"  cancer.





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    Your story sounds very much

    Your story sounds very much like mine.  I, too, had a hysterectomy (complete), but in the '80s.  Went for a physical, including a pap test and was diagnosed w/ ovarian cancer.  Oops - no overies!  Diagnosis changed to peritoneal cancer.


    I, too had 3 chemo rounds,m surgery, 3 more rounds of chemo.  This shrunk things, but did not clar everything up.


    Now I'm in another series of chemo.  I feel GREAT and find it hard to believe this cancer is growing in me!

    Hope this board offers you answers and comfort.  Bless you!