Enlarged Lymph nodes after TT

Hello all I need your support. I had a TT July 2011 which showed papillary cancer then I had RAI Oct 2011 and my PET scan came back clear. Then in Sept 2012 my Surgeon saw a spot in the isthmus area and was convinced it was scar tissue as he had removed 6 lymph nodes and they were clear. So of course he said let's watch it and see what the blood work shows. He sent me back to my Endo Doc and my thyroglobulin registered .5 so my Doc increased my synthroid so suppress it. She wanted me to have a US so that was done in Feb 2013 and it showed several enlarged lymph nodes plus the spot in the isthmus. The increase in the synthroid worked my thyroglobulin was undetectable at .05 so she lowered the dosage. I just had another US April 26th and 2 of the lymph nodes now looks suspicious and have to go back to my Surgeon for biopsy. I thought the hardest part after surgery was going to be regulating my meds!! I know the internet can be good and bad but I'm seeing this is happening to more people. Has anyone experienced this? Trying not to freak out, and who said if you are going to have cancer this is the one!!! Any Suggestions should I be concerned? Thanks for listening!



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    Similar story

    Hi. I too had lymph nodes that on ultrasound and in a PET looked suspicious. My siurgeon and I decided to remove them...we didn't bother doing a fine needle biopsy. Anyway...the pathology came back as a condition called reactive hyperplasia...benign and nothing to worry about.

    what kind of biopsy? Full removal or FNB?


    good luck..hope your are like mine!