What is the Anaplastic astrocytoma(gemistocytic) Survival rate after surgury?

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Age-59 Sex-Male


Specimen           :   Frontal SOL

Clinical Note        :  High Grade glioma

Gross                 :  Multiple soft tissue bits,5 ml in volume

Histopathological study :  Section show a diffusely infiltrating astrocytoma composed of gemistocytic & fibrillary astrocytes. Moderate nuclear atypia,occasional mitotic figures and foci of patchy necrosis seen.No palisading necrosis detected.

Diagnosis          : Anaplastic astrocytoma(gemistocytic)WHO grade iii.



My father is going through this phase. Brain tumour was operated on 5th april,2013 in Medica Superspecialty Hospital in KOLKATA,INDIA. Doctor has told that operation is fully successful.But he has to take radiation therapy. Can anyone please help me what exactly the treatment that he has to take? How long he can survive? He is now weak enough but everyother functionalities are normal. After operation his body weight looses 5kg.


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    I am a survivor of AA grade III. You can find survival statistics online, but statistics DO NOT mean anything to the individual. I went through 6 weeks of radiation and chemo after surgery and another 18 months of chemo after that. Stay positive and strong as it's going to take some time to determine how effective is the treatment.

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