My Mother In Law was just today diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.

On Monday April 25, 2013 my Mother In Law went to the ER for severe stomach pain. We found out Monday afternoon she probably had cancer, they found masses all over her abdomen during a scan. All over her liver, gall bladder, bladder and most of her lower intestines. Then they transported her to a different hospital. After 4 test on tuesday and a biopsy on the mass on her liver we learned she has cancer. They still didn't know the origin, but the docs narrowed it down to her pancreas or GI Tract. Fri April 29 they did an endoscopicy down to her stomach. They found it. A mass 8 cm big in her stomach. The doc took a piece for biopsy and rushed the tests. The doc that did the test said he was 90 % sure that was it and there was no need for the colonoscopy. We heard today It is Stage 4 stomach Cancer. The doc have still not told us was the prognosis is but they want to do radiation or chemo. Surgery is out for now. I have been looking it all up online and my hopes are slowing. She is a fighter!! She is only 58, Birthday was April 20, 2013. She survived a brain aneurism. I know she is a fighter and has overcome so much already. If anyone has any help for our family I am all ears. We don't really know what to ask or what to do but to support her with all we have to give. This is all a shock. We thought she had gall stones. The sad part in all of this. She was complaining of stomach/bladder pain for 8 months. 8 freaking months!! She saw a bunch of doctors and ended up seeing a urologist. 


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    good cell growth during cancer

    Asparagus contains a good supply of protein call histones active in contolling cell growth.US national cancer Institute saids,that asparagus is the highest tested food containing glutatione which consider one of the most potent anticarcingons and antixoidants. place the cook asparagus in a blender to make it a puree liquid and store in your refrigator.the dose is 4 full tablespoons twice daily.It can be diluted in water hot or cold.Larger amounts of dosage can do no harm and may be needed in some cases.I do believe and so do the doctors cell growth is a number one impotance in fighting cancer.Do this faithfully,give it a try.people with cancer has been cured.God bless you and your family.gsb1773