How long for Zytiga to start working?

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My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago--advanced metastatic (to bones) prostate cancer (Gleason 10, PSA 200+). Has been on Lupron every three months. Casodex and Nilandron both failed after several months. Went on taxotere and prednisone which brought the PSA way down and some improvements in CT and bone scans. Had to discontinue it after nine months due to disabling side effects. Started Zytiga 5 weeks ago and PSA is rising. Oncologist said it can take from 8-12 weeks for Zytiga to start working. Has anyone experienced such a  wait for Zytiga to start working? Would appreciate any feedback. Feel desperate with rising PSA and thoughts of the severely diaabling side effects of going back on taxotere. We are not going to try Provenge since it seems too risky for his age. Thank you for any information you can provide.


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    February of 2012 I started Zytiga and with in a month my psa went to 0.2 and stayed until July 2012 then started rising to 0.9 in October 2012. It is staying about 0.8 as of last week. Which is great! MD Anderson cancer doctor's think I will make it 2 years

    I'm sorry for your husband condition, I hope Zytiga works!! Have you look into Provenge?

    I started with 7 out of 12 greasons 4+5 and a psa 6.8.

    God Bless