pain and hemmorroids

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I'he been done with treatment for 2 weeks. My burns are healing really in most areas. Almost completely better on the front area. My problem is the anal pain and external hemmorrhoids. BMs are still excruciating and the hemmorrhoids are very swollen and really painful. I assume the hemmorrhoids got badly burned from treatment. I have bleeding during the BMs. I backed off my pain meds a couple of days ago thinking I would start healing in the analog area. Now I feel like I need to go back on the meds. Has anyone had this kind of problem with the hemmorrhoids? I was hoping to be getting better in that area by now. I do apply the prescribed ointments. I have appt with rad onc on May 7th but I may call in there Monday to see if they have any other suggestions. Thanks


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    Time to heal

    I am finally healing after 5 weeks after treatment I do have a small hemmorroid but doesnt hurt Everything is almost back to normal