Education and Cancer

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Hi, I'm completing a research paper on the importance of education for children with cancer and the vitatlity of outsiders to volunteer and help fight all types of cancer.  My question was, do any of you have a strong opinion of a child with cancer completing and/or continuing their education? Thanks so much.  Please reply soon, I'm very interested.


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    Education No Matter What

    Dear pvc16,

    I'm so glad to hear that there are so many different types of projects in college you can complete with cancer and such.  My mom of 55 is a cancer survivor so her situation is very different from that of young cancer patients.  But when I attended a Relay for Life in L.A. in my town last year I got to meet people of all ages and some of them were parents with their kids of the 4-8 age range. The moms and dads told me that they were skeptical about putting their kids in school but almost every doctor and therapist said that getting an education and making friends was the most important thing a kid with severe cancers can do. It's all about making the children feel like they are a part of a bigger group. Hope this helps.

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