Luvnlife2: Please post your diagnosis and alternative treatment success. Sounds positive.

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From what you indicated on another post, it sounds as if you have had positive results utilizing alternative therapies -- but, because your profile page has not been filled out and the site does not give an easy way to reference past posts that members have contributed to -- I know very little about your original diagnosis and therapies that have resulted in your successful survival.  Please forgive me if you have previously provided this information and I have missed it.

If you could kindly post some information it may very helpful, especially to our newer members, who are just starting out on their journey and weighing their treatment options.

Best to you in your continued success. -- Cynthia

P.S. I know you did mention Vitamin C injections ... perhaps you could start a "CAM: Vitamin C Injections" thread or add to MWNN's thread started a while back entitled CAM: I.V. vit C (again)