MRI after biopsy

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My biopsy has been performed on April 10.

I want to do endorectal MRI with 3.0 Tesla machine.

My urologist said I can do MRI only 6 weeks after the biopsy, 5 weeks is the minimum.

Is that correct? I wanted to do MRI sooner for obvious reasons.

Please reply.



  • VascodaGama
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    Yes, you should wait until your prostate heals.

    A picture of your prostate after a biopsy will show many spots of blood causing the examination invalid. Surely you want to know the earliest what is going-on inside you but the blood stains would give you false positives. Do not be anxious; cancer does not spread overnight. Wait and do things timely and coordinately. Mean while you can "explore" about treatments and their side effects.

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