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Hi Everyone!  Just thought I would warn you that I just got a message from CSN to clink on email link and get a personal message.  The message turned out to be a scam.  A young woman out of country, her dad killed and she looking for a way to move money and save her life.  Her user name is joykoffi.  Please be careful.  This really upsets me that I just joined this network a week ago and that people would do this to us.  Meanwhile please keep me in your prayers.  Headed to onco today for second round of Faslodex shots.  The first round two weeks didn't go so good so hoping this might go better.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.  Finally sunny here and no snow forecast so maybe we are into spring afterall.  I have a 100 mile drive so it should be pretty for a change.


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    Recently, I have received a different Spamming private email to my CSN email FOUR times. I have complained to CSN three times, but as of yet, the person is still allowed in the website to post more spam. My spamming email was different than yours.

    I am not sure why your post was flagged. I am assuming someone misunderstood your statement that you got a message from CSN to click on an email link and get a personal message. I know that you aren't saying that CSN was part of the spam. I know you meant that it was just the usual, normal, private email notification we all get.

    Yes, it is sad that CSN has spammers. Even worse that they seem to take longer to ban spammers to private emails than if they spammed the discussion boards/expression gallery.


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    Thanks for the heads up..that

    Thanks for the heads up..that is terrible..


    I watch video today on face book...watching YOUNG fit lady hunched over begging for money in NY by all the high end stores..and making out well. Camer crew followed her (bus ride to her NICE Van)..then watched her changed and walk straight up..When confronted wouldn't talk...she has car, nice house, etc..she tells people bent over from car accident and needs money..